clip gal

Trained as a Fine Artist in the Basque Country, Yolanda moved to london 10 years ago to "do" an alternative arty lifestyle. Fed up of being poor she made the switch from analog to digital 5 years ago and most recently was a Senior Graphic Designer at Dennis Publishing banging out sites left right and center.
She enjoys shopping for bikinis, beating Miles in Kung Fu (Shaolin Fists rules!) and writing never ending stories.

After flunking a Physics degree Miles worked at Dennis Publishing making those annoying CD Roms you get on the front of magazines.
After that he took a more serious role at iXL as a Network/System Engineer making Windows NT do stuff it shouldn't do. After 18 months in the deep end he was burnt out by this and took off around the world with Yolanda.
Miles normally lives in London, enjoys banana pancakes, Wing Chung Kung Fu and doing silly things with operating systems.

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