happnin' Singapore - "fine" land

Yolanda’s bit
Singapore is a big expensive city where quite a few cultures meet to give a tasty mix. Big business city and Asian town are intertwined all around. We visited the colorful markets, the dizzying shopping centers, we bought a flight to Bali and had a pink Singapore sling. Chewing gum prohibited.

Miles’s bit
Singapore was a real flying visit. They say Singapore is a "fine" country - they have a fine for everything (chewing gum is illigal, as is the non-flushing of toilets). The bus trip down from Malaysia was straight forward, and we arrived in the afternoon. It dropped us out of the center so we had to catch the MRT in, it reminded me of Hong Kong, fast and efficient. The city was nice enough, with plenty of everything. We checked in to a backpackers hostel for the night and had a bit of a wander around the area. Had a huge Chinease meal and drank Singapore Sling cocktails.
The next morning Yolanda went to buy a flight for us both to Bali later in the day while I uploaded a web site update from an internet cafe. It had broadband access (woo hoo!), the first fast upload in months