happnin' Perth, Australia - home, sweet home

Yolanda’s bit
We hadn't had any news from Miles' second cousins Gordon and Sue in Perth since a while, so when we landed at the airport it was quite a surprise to bump into them. They took us to their beautiful house by the lake and completely spoilt us for a week. Oh, home sweet home! There were a few good sights around but we spent most of the time sleeping, eating and updating the website.

And next we were in Wellington, New Zealand.

Miles’s bit
Perth, our last Australian destination and on our itinerary purely for family reasons - I have a second cousin here who we had contacted previously and had kindly invited us to visit (after traveling half way around the globe it would be a shame not to... Being a bit relaxed about our schedules after so many months on the road we had not really been too specific of our arrival and had only managed to leave a message saying we would be on a flight real soon. Whilst I was waiting for my rucksack in the baggage reclaim area and Yolanda had gone outside of the airport for a moment, a friendly face approached me and much to my surprise announced himself as Gordon - my cousin, and that he recognized me from photos on the web site. They had got our message and had figured out what flight we were on.

He and his wife Sue drove us back to their comfortable house where we spent a pleasant week in their hospitality. They showed us around Perth, fed us masses of home food and were basically really really nice. It was great to be in a homely environment for a while and before we knew it we were off again (after a small airline ticket / missed flight mess).