happnin' Mumbai, India - Sony, where are you?

Yolanda’s bit
We spent a couple of days recovering, watching Indian TV, catch up with news and eating non-spicy-at-all from all over the world food and having loads of the most beautiful watermelon juice at Leopold's.
Mumbai is sticky as sticky hell all year round. Quite a metropolitan place, interesting. Our hotel overlooked a funny smelling bay where lots of hidden deals were going on. We tried our luck with some grass. It was all right.

We strolled around the everything-selling bazaars. Then three days of frantic search for a Sony Service Point, our savior. We taxi crossed the city a number of times like James Bond following mysterious clues.
Nothing. Sony doesn't like India. Our last option was to send a SOS to Sony UK and to our fairy godfather Belgium Sony Europe man and wait.

Christmas was closing fast. We finally took the first Indian train so far. Air-con chair class to "Ratty-Gaggy", seven hours of pleasant trackety-track lullaby. We'd be on the beach soon!

Miles’s bit